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Respecting the Rules of the Game

 Rules are something that we all must get use to as they are found in every aspect of life and every game that we may participate in. In youth sports and above, you will find an official rule book for every organization and league around the country. These rule books are a valuable guide to ensure the game is played with integrity, safety, and sportsmanship.

It is the responsibility of coaches to teach the rules of the game and to provide leadership during competition that rules will be obeyed and followed. The first thing that coaches can do to help players understand the rules of the game is to include the teaching of the rules in practice sessions. I always bring in a couple of umpires each year to go over new rules and review important rules that may occur at home plate and other parts of the field. It is amazing how many people have played the game for quite some time but have never taken the time to understand the rules and their interpretations. It is imperative that we teach our players to play by the rules and to respect the rules of the game.

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