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Big Benefit -

NEW Adult League Registration

 $30 that includes team Liability Insurance, Single Team Registration is $40

Adult Team Insurance that includes Liability and Medical Insurance
​Individual Insurance

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Includes Insurance for Players – Don’t Get Caught without Insurance!

What is Individual Registration?

As the National Governing Body for the sport of softball, ASA/USA is committed to the goal of providing accident and liability insurance for all participants in the adult and youth programs.  Only adult leagues can individually register and they must register all the teams in their league. 

The ID card serves three purposes

2.  Indisputable proof of age

2.   Signature and photo ID card

4.  Proof of Insurance

Additional benefits and information regarding Individual Registration:

•          Each player who registers online will be covered for insurance purposes.  The liability limit is $2,000,000 per occurrence and $5,000,000 aggregate per team for ASA liability plans, plus more!   Coverage follows the individual throughout the calendar year for all ASA/USA softball activities, even if the player changes to another ASA/USA softball team.

•          The team coach/manager will register players on their team with Register ASA online @ www.mddcasajo.org

    At the end of the registration process, an invoice will be produced on behalf of MDDC Delaware ASA.  Payment must then be sent to MDDC Delaware ASA at the designated address.


•          Once MDDC Delaware ASA receives the check from the team, an MDDC Delaware ASA representative will review the submittal and make any corrections/adds/deletes and then APPROVE.


•          Once approved, Register ASA will send the ID cards to the coach. Each registrant receives one (1) ID card with their name, insurance deductible printed on the card, and information on insurance coverage including number to call in case of an accident claim.  Options are listed below (cost is per person): 

            $500 deductible      $15 pp for a non-photo ID


A new individual insurance program for LIABILITY ONLY coverage is now available.  All team members and league teams must purchase.  Cost is only $8 per player for all players on a team;

No card; cost includes team registration fee.


Cost Comparisons:

          If a team purchases ASA team insurance w/ a $500 deductible - $478; plus $30 MDDC Delaware ASA team registration fee = $508 per team.  Rates are $270 less expensive if entire league takes this policy. 

          13-member team x $15 per player = $195 for Individual Registrations (SAVES MONEY!)

          13-member team x $8 = $104 for Liability only insurance (Huge Savings!)


For further information, please contact Jack Hutcherson 240-691-9254 or Jack Mowatt 240-375-3184Type your paragraph here.