Welcome to the NEW MD-DCASA Umpires page.  On this page you will be able to find up-to-date information on clinics, schools and camps as well as contact information for those interested in umpiring.  You will also see the State Umpire Staff and the area they cover.  We will bee linking to the ASA/USA website so you may see equipment standards, umpire equipment and uniforms, updates and news releases and the monthly rules interpretations. Please add this website to your "favorites" on your toolbar.

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2019 USA Softball Tom Mason National Award for Rule Excellence Winner!!

Our Own Diane Carden

Home Plate:  Bobby Kern, 1st Base:   Jonathan Johnson,

 2nd Base:  Ron Foushee 3rd Base:  Beverly Funicelli,

1st Base line:   Ryan Melson, 3rd Base Line: Trevor McCallam 

Maryland DC Delaware USA Softball

Congratulations!! to Bobby Kern 

Diane Carden
Umpire-In-Chief, Delaware
42 Millbrook Road
Newark, DE  19713
302 598-7725


2018 Elite Umpire

Congratulations!! to Dave Mattern

Coin Flip


Steve Zawierucha

Maryland DC USA Softball


2018 Maryland - DC Delaware Umpires 

worked the Military Classic at National Stadium

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ISF Umpire Certification
ASA/NCAA/NFHS Rule Differences
Slow Pitch vs. Fast Pitch Rule Differences
Biannual Umpire Clinic
Umpire Awards

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Military Slow Pitch Classic Winning Coach

                          USA Air Force

2018 Elite Umpire